Have You Ever Played
With Your Editor?

Compose your own Vim symfony

Vim was too complicated. It wasn't worth the effort to learn it. Or so I thought.

I tried anyway.

I could write and edit my content after a couple of hours. Why everybody thought it was so hard?

Even better: I had so much fun using it!

The fun never stopped. Even after playing with Vim for many years.

What Will This Book Bring You?

A step by step approach to learn easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Everything you need to know to leverage the power of Vim.

Keeping your hands on your keyboard will improve your productivity.

Customize your editor for your own specific needs.

Would You Like To Know More?

The book is not finished yet, but you can follow its progress.

Every subscriber will get a discount when the book is out.

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Your feedback are precious: you can reply to any email to give your opinions, ideas, or to ask questions. I'll reply to you personally.

About The Author

photo of the author of the book Matthieu Cneude

Hi! I'm Matthieu.

I've been coding as a hobby for 20 years, professionally for 10+ years.

I've worked from extra small to extra big companies, mentoring and leading developer teams.

Teaching is very rewarding to me. That's why I love writing for my blog, The Valuable Dev.